Renowned entrepreneur and businessman Ajay Harinath Singh has postulated for the 2019 Lok Sabah elections with 432 candidates. Ajay Harinath Singh, the president of the party, will be going against the right-wing Bharatiya Janata party, one of India’s largest political parties within the national parliament and state assemblies.

Singh’s political group consists of a team of community leaders in different fields including administrative services, police officers, and individuals from revenue services. The official ideology Singh’s party expresses a commitment to foreign policy centred on nationalist principles, and its slogan is “We Are The Change You Seek”.


Ajay Harinath Singh worked as Chairman of the Darwin Platform Group of Companies, which manages numerous major ventures in oil, arms, and ammunition in numerous countries. Singh led Darwin Platform Group into a the international market, also developing the Avitronics Inc branch that deals with the commercialization of Sukhoi and Mig fighter Jet airplanes. Ajay Harinath Singh is also involved in a number of charitable projects in Asia, Europe, and the US.